The Wee Folk Storytellers - Susi Sweet Pea the fairy and freinds! To enchant and delight!
The Workshops

Scots Word Workshop
Susi Sweet Pea has been gan to skeils and nurseries tae talk tae the wee bairns aboot the Scots language.  She tells stories, sings sangs an plays fun games wi them. Susi's wee pal Angus the Craw jines in as weel.
Aimed at younger children from 2 year tae aboot 7 years auld.

Session lasts 1 hour.

Day Dream Believers Workshop
Make your own children's story picture book in an afternoon!
A picture book creation workshop for children.Using specially designed flashcards and objects.  Lead by Susi Briggs who is a registered storyteller and creator of her own tales.

Also lead by wonderful artist and illustrator Ruthie Redden.
Ruthie is currently working on the illustrations with Susi on their project Nip Neb.  A Scots tale about Jack Frost. A series of Scots picture books is planned.
Ruthie finds her inspiration in nature and in Celtic myths and legends.

The Past Time Play Station Workshop

Explore and join in with old fashioned games.  These are games our Grandparents used to play  Learn how to make your own games with things  you might have lying around at home. Rediscover the joy of playing marbles,  tiddlywinks or  skipping.  

Once you have a Past Time Play Experience you need never be bored again!  

Particularly aimed at schools or clubs for primary school aged children

Fees start from £60 plus travel.

*There is a 20% deposit required before the event. This will be taken off the final invoice

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