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Susi Sweet Pea Fairy
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Susi Briggs
Gatehouse of Fleet 
Dumfries and Galloway

Susi Sweet Pea the Fairy

Susi would have grown up to be quite normal human but for one fateful day in late summer 1983.  Whilst playing out, barefoot in the long grass she accidentally stood on a pixie and it bit her.  You should know that pixies are not normally aggressive but if you had a big lolloping foot coming down on you at high speed your natural temperament would be affected.

Ever since that day Susi has displayed Fae tendencies such as pointy lugs, compulsive storytelling and joyful silliness.

In September 2011 Susi Woodmass was awarded registration as a Storyteller with both the Scottish Book Trust and the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

Alan the Friendly Faun

Alan also had a similar experience to his friend Susi.  A charm had befallen on him when he was a babe in arms.    Twas fate that they should meet in later years at a support group for those who had Fae tendencies. 

They both trained as part of the Tale Blazers Project created by children's storyteller and author Tony Bonning.

Alan has recorded a wonderful album of childrens songs called "Shoes for the Moon", beautifully inspired by his experiences as a teacher and a father of two.

Our fairy village caretaker and maker of all things wonderful and clever!
She loves to make crafty things with children and their grown ups, from fairy houses, ojos, felt dragon eggs and troll bogies!  You name it, she can make it!  She will teach you how to make things so you feel inspired to do it yourself again when you get home.


Sometimes other fairies, pixies and trolls come to help out at the larger events.  Arts, crafts, music, workshops and play are utilised in a creative and inspiring way.

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